Welsh Castles Relay 2023 (10-11 June) – Runners Welcome!

Top five reasons of running the Welsh Castles Relay

  • Running in some stunning places

It is a 20-stage race going through many stunning places in the Welsh countryside. The race route goes from Caernarfon to Cardiff. Each runner runs a stage – you can pick a stage which suits and/or inspires you!

Ronald starting Stage 17 among others at Brecon Beacons


  • Good quality racing

The individual stages are well marshalled by all the participating clubs (including us) and the race itself attracts all running clubs across the UK, so a chance of meeting runners you don’t normally come across.


  • Great Serpie camaraderie

Over the weekend you’ll run in one stage, the rest of the time you’ll be cheering on your teammates. Nothing more motivating than being part of the team! We will stay as a team together for the weekend – a team dinner after the first day’s running, and team drinks to celebrate at the end.

Team dinner near Welshpool last year


  • Rich history of the event

This is a race with a long history and has been held since 1983. The Serpentine teams have won the race many times over the years, with our last team win in 2015. Individually we have many stage winners over the years as well. However, this is not just for those who can run fast – as long as you’re able to run 9 min/mile (5:40min/km) you’ll be fine.


  • A great chance to visit Wales

This is a weekend where you will see both Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons, you’ll be at the seaside near Barmouth, and you’ll visit a few Welsh Castles (Caernarfon, Harlech, Caerphilly and Cardiff Castles, to name a few).

Marta and the team starting Stage 1 at Caernarfon Castle


Follow this link to register


Please note you will pay £80 deposit at the time of registration, with a final payment (approx. £80 for non-drivers and £40 for drivers) to be made before the event, once we have calculated the overall cost for the whole team.


NOTE – Late joiners / early leavers welcome

The plan is we will leave London together as a team on Friday afternoon 9th June and come back early evening of Sunday 11th June. However, we are aware that there are other events happening over that weekend, therefore we are open to team members to join late if your stage is not until Sunday, or if you can leave the team early after your stage finishes. Please get in touch if that works for you.


Follow this page for more information. Look forward to seeing your names on the roster!


Ronald, Hans & Jessica

Serpie WCR Organising Team 2023


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