Changes to Club Runs – Jan 2023

As we start the new year, we are also making some changes to the club runs. This is in response to feedback and the club survey, and also to introduce a led warm-up/post-run stretch. 

Wednesday club runs will start slightly later, reverting to the pre-Covid schedule. 

  • 18:45 (Seymour)/18:55 Speakers’ Corner –  Long run (Battersea, Tower Bridge), when available.
  • 18:50 (Seymour)/19:00 Speakers’ Corner –  Groups running between 4:45/km and 5:45/km.
  • 19:00 (Seymour)/19:10 Speakers’ Corner – Remaining group(s) including beginners

The warm-up continues to be the run from the Seymour to Speakers Corner, but once at Speakers Corner we will do some dynamic stretches/mobility excercises before breaking out into the pace groups. 

During the winter, I will lead some post run stretches in the Seymour Centre (although some may prefer to do their stretches at the lamppost at Speakers Corner).

Raul has kindly offered to lead a 5km run for those returning from injury and/or are beginners who can run 5km.   If you are interested in this, post on the Wed club runs WhatsApp group to let Raul and myself know you.

We will also re-instate the £1 charge to enter the Seymour Centre for those who have forgotten their membership card.  

Saturday Club runs will continue to start from Hyde Park Bandstand at 9:45am.  We will do a short warm up loop followed by some dynamic stretches/mobility before breaking out into the pace groups.

Amongst the feedback, there is a request for more variety on the club runs.   I am considering how to provide this and welcome any ideas and feedback.  If you are happy to lead warm-up activities and post-run stretches, do get in touch.

Catharine Sowerby


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