Autumn Marathon Seminar and Training Runs

Marathon seminar evening, 7th September 2022, 8-9pm, Seymour Centre club rooms

Come along and meet some fellow marathoners and listen to advice from some of our experienced marathon runners and coaches to help you prepare for your event.

Topics will include : 1) Preparation in the week/days leading up to the marathon (i.e. tapering, eating, sleeping, nutrition, kit preparation)and 2) What to expect on race day and preparation such as what to pack, kit requirement, race nutrition/drinking etc.

No sign up required (unless attending as a non member please email

Last Half of the London marathon course training run


A training run in pace groups around the last half of the London marathon course. It is not necessarily aimed to be run at marathon pace, but more of a group run to help you get familiar with the last half of the marathon course. You can choose what pace you want to run at. Even if you are not running the London marathon you can still come along for a group run.

  • Date time: 18th September @ 9am
  • Meeting place: Tower Hill tube station, Trinity Square entrance
  • Run route: Last half of the marathon taking in Canary Wharf, Limehouse, City of London and Embankment. Due to royal funeral proceedings the run will now finish no further then Wsetminster Bridge. Distance of around 12 miles/19km, with an option to join at Westferry Circus at around 9:25am to run around 10 miles/16km.
  • Pace groups: TBD based on sign ups, but looking at groups from around 7min/mile (3hr marathon) to 9min/mile (4hr marathon) pace.
  • If you are interested in leading a pace group then please email Glenn at


Glenn Hughes

Serpentine Running


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