Summer League Battersea Park 10k – This Sunday 21st August!

To Run

Probably one of the best 10ks you can find in London, you do not need to enter in advance to run, you don’t even need to pay! You just need to show up with your Serpie shirt/vest to run – come to the race HQ West of the Bandstand along the Central Avenue (near the Albert Car Park) by about 09:00 for a 09:30 start. However, you can fill in this form before Saturday evening to indicate interest, so that we have an idea of numbers and communicate with everyone. Also, those with children are also invited to come to the race and the children can take part in the tenderfoot event after the 10k race. Finally, don’t forget the light-hearted relays against the other clubs at the end of the morning!


To volunteer

As we are hosting this fixture, our members will volunteer for all different race organising roles to make the race happen. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. We can probably do with a few more volunteers – please fill in this form if you can help. Most roles do not require any qualifications, and some roles (not the race-related ones of course) can be combined with running the race. The more volunteers we have, the more organised the event will be, so please join us!

Volunteers will be required to be at Battersea Park from about 08:45. Any questions, please email Imran Ahmed, our rep for the race.


To picnic!

Every hosting club has so far provided a picnic for all participants, and it’s only right that we return the favour for the other clubs! Thanks again to everyone who has volunteered to bake and provide food. I am coordinating the Serpie baking effort, and I think I can do with a few more bakers doing cakes and other great food. Please email me know if you are able to bake something – cookies, muffins, cakes, anything you like! – so that we have an expectation how much we are providing.


Not sure about baking? There are other ways you can contribute too – for example you can bring fruit, or make sandwiches. Please let me know beforehand so I can coordinate with you.


To socialise

After the race, we will be meeting in this pub:

Venue: The Lighthouse, 441 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 4LR. About 10-minute walk from the race HQ.

Time: From Noon onwards.

All Serpies – whether you have run, volunteered, spectated, or just happen to be around – are very welcome to join us! Be there for a few drinks, a good Sunday Roast, or just another relaxing Serpie afternoon!


See you on Sunday!

Hans Ho

Participation Representative


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