Running Courses for Beginners and Inexperience Runners: Help Required

This autumn we will hold two courses for beginner or inexperienced runners.  The first course is aimed at complete beginners, the second is for people who would like to run 10K.  Details of the courses are now on the website here.   Anyone who hasn’t yet run a 10K (or is returning to running) is very welcome to join one of the courses, but please sign-up so that we have an idea of numbers.

To make these courses successful we need help from our club members.   Would you be able to contribute by doing the following? 

  1. Inviting any of your friends, relations and colleagues to join the course and encourage them to sign-up.  If they are too experienced for these courses suggest they join a trial social run with the club on any Wed evening or Sat morning!
  3. Volunteer to help at one of the sessions.   In particular on Saturday mornings we will need additional helpers on Saturday mornings.  This could be to lead a session (if you have an appropriate coaching qualification) or assist in the Saturday morning runs.  Equally you could help by hosting the participants at a parkrun event, the handicap or welcome them to Wednesday night runs. 
  1. Volunteer to share your running knowledge with the attendees.  For example, if you are great at making the most of your watch at a track session, I’d be happy to facilitate a session when you can share this knowledge.  I’m sure there are many more ideas from within the club about the knowledge it may be useful to share. 

If you would like to help out in any way or have any ideas, please drop me an email.

Catharine Sowerby,  Serpentine Club Runs


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