Serpie vets break club records at SEAA relays

Callum Martin, David McGregor and Anthony Stranger-Jones became the fastest ever Serpies in their respective age groups.
For the first time in a long while Serpentine managed to send male vets teams in every category to the annual South of England road relay championships at Aldershot. Each runner completed a 6k leg, which consisted of two laps of a hilly course around Rushmoor Arena.

From Andrew Maynard, V40 captain:
The V40 team was Simon Massey, Lars Olsen, Quintin Wright and Callum Martin took. They finished in a creditable 14th, a marked improvement over last year, where we didn\'t manage to field a team at all!! Callum Martin ran the 15th fastest individual leg of the day.

From David Smart, V50 captain:
The V50 team was David McGregor, Richard Long, David Smart and Cliff Hide. David McGregor scored the 4th fastest V50 time of the day and came 2nd on his leg (and then went on to run again for the senior B team!) Age and injury took their toll on Richard, Cliff and me, all running slower than last year. However, Dave\'s performance meant we were over half a minute faster (on a warm day when times generally were slower) and came in 13th out of 25 finishing teams,
up three places from last year.

From Charles Doxat, V60 captain:
With a combined age of 253, the V60 team of Manuel Moreno, Charles Doxat, Brian Harris and Anthony Stranger-Jones set forth last Saturday to represent
the Club in the SEAA Road Relays having devised the clever strategy of taking a long, but not too close, look at the competition. This is best done from last place. However, at halfway the light was beginning to fade so they decided to move up a few places and finished 7th out of 19 entrants. Having been set a target time of around 1:50:00, the team achieved 1:50:45 which beats the previous Serpie V60 best time set in 2002 by 0:01:33. (Anthony beat the previous Serpie V60 time of 23:32 set by Charles Doxat in 2002 by the amazing margin of 1sec! - IH)

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Submitted: 26 September 2006