Novice Cycling Training

Two-part six-hour novice cycle training for new and returning adult cyclists.
Have you been inspired by the success stories of Serpie triathletes? Would you like to give it a go, but are worried about cycle training and racing due to lack of recent experience on a bike?

Prime Coaching are offering a Novice Cycle Training Course at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. This is a two-part 6-hour course for new and returning adult cyclists on Saturday 30 September and Saturday 7 October (2pm-5pm each day). This course is taken by qualified coaches (male and female), and covers:
- Basic and Advanced bike handling skills
- Bike position and clothing
- Basic bike maintenance
- Group riding

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit is a purpose built road race circuit in west London, and is ideal for cycle skills training, as you don\'t have to worry about traffic.

Please note that this course is not race training, and is not triathlon specific. However it will be very valuable as you spend much more of your time training on public roads than you do racing.

The cost of the course is a very reasonable

Submitted: 15 September 2006