T&F results - match 2

Depleted Div 1, 3 & 4 teams come pleasing 3rd, 4th and 2nd this week. Well done to everyone who turned out.
Div 3

With all the clashing events this Saturday and the resulting shortage of personnel I was parachuted in to captain the Div 3 team in the spectacular Croydon Arena. The conditions were far from seasonal and with only a ten strong team (subject to much variation throughout the day) a lot of pressure was on us as we endeavoured to put a competitor in every event. The fact that we managed that was down to everybody\'s commitment rather than my captaincy (although I will take credit for bullying Derek into a very impressive 3000m Steeple Chase!).

Praise first to Jamie Nelson who competed in 7 events but didn\'t have to run further than 800m in any so was quite fresh for the anchor leg of the 4x400 relay, which we lost. Miguel Branco arrived with a dodgy knee, did creditably in the 100m and 5000m, and then hobbled home with a dodgier knee. Thanks for turning up and I hope you recover soon. Jasyn Savage proved his all round strength, throwing, jumping and sprinting very well and coaching the flagging relay teams to ensure excellent baton passing. Caspar Prestidge did 5 events including the triple jump which he hadn\'t performed since schooldays. The stalwart throwers, Ashley Kibblewhite and David Lipscomb did well under the conditions but were modest as ever.

Other brief mentions. Andre Segger for turning up despite a busy Saturday and a triathlon on Sunday! I hope that went well. Tim Yip for smiling through the whole experience and putting in a great effort. Me for failing to delegate and ending up with three hurdles events and the 5000m!

Finally a big thanks to our officials, Jo Currie and Rosy Cox, for running a very wet javelin event (and putting me off in the 5000m with your horn blowing) and a very relaxed high jump event. Thanks to Tim and Lippy for helping too.

Charles Lescott

Submitted: 22 May 2006