AGM (update)

Who is standing for election? What\'s on the agenda?
I have received the following nominations for next year\'s committee. Given that there are 12 positions and 12 nominations there won\'t be an election. Names in brackets are proposer and seconder.

John Walker (Rachel Powell, Jo Currie)

Jo Currie (Ian Hodge, Jeni Vlahovic)

Charles Lescott (Simon Barrett, Huw Keene)

Ordinary Committee Members
Nadya Labib (Brent Plump, Angie Palin)
Jeni Vlahovic (Charles Lescott, Nadya Labib)
Rachel Powell (Jeannette Mueller, Richard Smith)
Angie Palin (Brent Plump, Nadya Labib)
Rachel Whittaker (Chris Saunders, Tara Stevens)
Ian Hodge (Marie-Aline Perrier, Sally Hodge)
Justin Lock (Charles Lescott, Nadya Labib)
Wayne Maurer (Nadya Labib, Jeni Vlahovic)
Sid Wills (Keith Evans, Bev Thomas)

No resolutions for the AGM have been submitted.

I\'ve put the agenda on the website at:

The minutes of last year\'s AGM at are:

Other papers will be available on the day.

Don\'t hesitate to ask any questions about the AGM.

Further info.

Submitted: 9 May 2006