Serpentine news available as RSS feed

Development of news manager - under test. Now with results.
Stop press 3 - I've added a stylesheet around the feed so it's a little more user friendly.

Stop press 2 - I've hopefully fixed the way updates are made so that most news aggregators pick them up much more quickly.

Stop press - I've updated to include notification of recent race and track and field results.

The Serpentine news manager now produces an RSS news feed. This is a first version so I would be grateful for any feedback.

Don't know what RSS is? RSS is a format used to share news and similar information between websites. Using news aggregators (either another website or a piece of software) you can have a single page with the headlines and summaries from all your favourite news sources. You can read a simple guide to RSS at the following link:

A more technical description is at:

and there are loads more sources of information out there.

The RSS feed is delivered at the following link:

You will need to set up your RSS aggregator to use this link. Just viewing the link on its own won't tell you that much.

Please remember - although this has been validated it is still a prototype.

Also now added is an archive of old news stories:

Further info.

Submitted: 24 July 2005