Superb performances at the National 25 mile Cycling Time Trials

Laurence Harding, Mel Williams and Rebecca Stubbs all had great results in this weekend's TT championships in Wales, even though the weather was against them, with gale force winds and driving rain.
Laurence was 3rd in the men's event, going sub 50 minutes for the first time (00:49:37). Pretty impressive, particularly given that he was racing in the rain and is not exactly renowned for his bike handling skills on roundabouts!

Mel and Rebecca finished 13th and 14th respectively in the women's event with very quick times of 1:00:49 and 1:00:54.

They beat a number of very well know riders and their times caused
quite a stir at the Race HQ. Laurence reports that he has it on good authority that a top new cycling team is looking to get them to join next year.

Thanks to Laurence and Rebecca for the details in this report.

Submitted: 6 June 2005