Serpie website competition - images and testimonials needed

The Serpie website team have been busy behind the scenes developing the new Serpie website. To help us we need members to send in their images and testimonials. In return you'll have the chance to win one of six Start Fitness Gift vouchers.

As many of you will be aware the project to build a shiny, new, modernised Serpie website is well underway. In both technical and usability terms this should make the site more accessible to existing members, as well as attracting those looking to join the club.

It’s a big job, but all going well we aim to launch it in the coming months. Where we need your help is with sourcing new images and providing us with a range of short testimonials to help communicate why the club is great!

So we’re launching a competition with prizes of £20 Start Fitness gift vouchers for each of the providers of the 3 best images and 3 best testimonials. That's 6 prizes that are up for grabs! Members are encouraged to submit anything up to 10 images and 10 testimonials.



We’re looking for short quotes of around one or two sentences (ideally no more than around 35 words) explaining why you think the club is great. They can be specific to a particular aspect of the club or its offer (e.g. that you've loved a particular swim session), or as general as you like (e.g. how the club has transformed your fitness, confidence, race performance and social life).

The 3 winning testimonials will be drawn from each of the following categories:

1) Our training offer (e.g. You might want to mention the benefit you’ve got from one or more training or club sessions, the training offer in Lanzarote, or your experience of being a beginner runner or triathlete).
2) Competing as a Serpie (e.g. Your experience of a particular running, triathlon or track and field competition or how being a Serpie has helped you reach your race goals)
3) The Serpie community (e.g. how being a Serpie has helped your social life or mental health, or your experience of volunteering, coaching or taking a trip away with Serpies. Very general statements about the club would also fall into this category)

How to submit your testimonial/s (max 10)

Submit your testimonials via the google form here

Deadline for entries: Sunday 15th August



We welcome images you have taken that will help illustrate all the myriad of different activities that Serpies get involved in. Don’t worry if don't feel that you’re a top photographer - we’re not just looking for striking and beautiful images, but any image that communicates the spirit and diversity of the club, its members, and its activities.

Our 3 winning categories will include:

1) Best visual image The image judges consider to be the most all round visually stunning will win in this category.
2) Best image promoting the ‘spirit’ of the club Think friendly competition and a sense of community, diversity and/or acceptance of those performing at all levels.
3) The ‘wildcard’ image Not all the images we feature need to be amazing. We just need a variety of pictures to help communicate what we as a club offer to members. We’ll select one of your images at random so the more you submit (up to a maximum of 10), the more likely you are to be a winner!

Any relevant images are welcome, but the following provides a guide to the varied categories we need.

  • Different types of running: on roads, tracks, trails, mountains and of course Serpie home territory around Hyde Park, Green Park etc (NB Serpies don’t necessarily need to be in club kit in these photos).
  • Different types of run racing: including the club handicap, London marathon or other road races, summer/ assembly league racing, relays (Green belt/ Welsh Castles, road relays), Grand prix races, cross country, ultra racing etc 
  • Triathlon racing
  • Track and field events
  • Swimming both in pools and open water
  • Spinning, cycling and Zwift racing
  • Serpies volunteering Serpies marshalling, timekeeping.... even doing admin!
  • Serpies socialising in the park, the club room, at pubs, cafes, restaurents, parties or wherever!
  • General shots of items that refer to running, triathlon or athletics actvities e.g. bikes/ bike parts, trainers (with or without running feet in them), race numbers, stopwatches, javelins, swimming drill equipment, the start line of a running track etc

How to submit your image/s (max 10)

Submit to the Serpie Dropbox account here

Click “Add Files” and find the file you want to add. You do not need a Dropbox account. This will just ask for your name and email address (just so you’ll get a confirmation of upload).

Deadline for entries: Sunday 15th August

Important: You MUST own the copyright to any images you enter which means you need to be the person to have taken the photograph that you’re submitting (therefore if you posses a great image of yourself it probably doesn’t fall into this category unless it’s a selfie!). If your photograph features one or two Serpies prominently and identifiably, they must be over 18 and we recommend that you check with them that they’re be happy to be featured on the website.


The Judging panel

If you’d like to be on our judging panel please contact me at This will be fun (it will probably take place over a drink somewhere) but will obviously preclude you from being a competition winner (nevertheless you’ll still be welcome/ encouraged to submit any images or testimonials you have).

Thanking you in advance for your input and entries! If you have any questions, or think you could help in other ways with generating website content, please do get in touch with me. 

Sarah Maisey

(Serpentine communications)

Submitted: 14 July 2021