Introducing the Serpie Capital Ring Runs – Stage 1 Stoke Newington to Woolwich, Sunday 30th May

We are excited to announce that we are bringing some off-road running back to Serpentine.  And to begin with, we don’t need to travel very far for it. The Serpie Capital Ring Runs will be a club new running event as lockdown restrictions gradually ease. Come and join us on our first run from Stoke Newington to Woolwich on Sunday 30th May!

What are the Serpie Capital Ring Runs?

The Capital Ring Runs will be a series of Serpentine-organised trail runs around the Capital Ring – a 78-mile route around the suburban greenery in London. It is a bit of an adventure, an opportunity to socialise with club members whilst exploring some parts of London you’ve probably never been to before. Also you could practice your navigation skills on a series of long-distance footpaths, which are well sign-posted. You are never far from public transport either should you need to drop out or join midway, although of course we’d love to have you joining us the whole way!

Our idea is to make this event as social as possible. Depending on how many of you join, we will split into a few groups based on pace and how everyone wants to take in the scenery – there can be a group to run/walk the route if you prefer. We are currently dividing the entire Capital Ring route into 6 stages, each of them will range from 11 to 15 miles (18 to 24km).  This might sound a lot, however we will take our time, and we believe if you are able to run 10k in roughly 70 minutes, you should be able to run the majority of it. And remember - at the end of each stage we will find a pub to relax and celebrate!

At the moment as Covid restrictions still apply, we require you to sign up in advance before coming, so that we can gather contact tracing information, we will have some ideas about grouping, and also we know numbers in order to book a few tables in a pub. Please follow this link to sign up page.

Please note that you need to be a current Serpentine RC member to take part.  Not a member yet but want to run with us?  Join us here.


Provisional Schedule

We are planning to spread the 6 stages over the summer, so there is always one coming up whilst you have a few weeks to recover from the last run (and beers!).  We have tried to avoid dates of other big known running events. The runs will be on Sundays, in order not to clash with club runs.

  • Sunday 30th May - Stoke Newington to Woolwich (12 miles)
  • Sunday 20th June - Woolwich to Beckenham (14 miles)
  • Sunday 11th July - Beckenham to Wimbledon Park (13 miles)
  • Sunday 8th August - Wimbledon Park to Greenford (15 miles)
  • Sunday 29th August - Greenford to Hendon (11 miles)
  • Sunday 12th September - Hendon to Stoke Newington (12 miles)


Stage 1 - Stoke Newington to Woolwich (Sunday 30th May)

Our Capital Ring adventure will start from Stoke Newington and will take us through East London to Woolwich in the morning on Sunday 30th May. It is a 12-mile route and consists of Sections 13, 14, and 15 in the Transport for London schedule. You will see River Lea and run through Hackney Marshes, then take a turn around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, before reaching the Beckton District Park, circling the London City Airport, and crossing River Thames at the Woolwich foot tunnel.

TfL recommends the Go Jauntly app to help with navigation.  This route can be found here for Sections 13, 14, and 15.


Want to join us?

Please fill in you details here - before noon on Friday 28th May.  In particular, let us know if you are happy to be a ‘group leader’ (who will make sure we don’t lose anyone and also will act as emergency contact), or if you have any specific needs.

We will then email you on Friday 28th afternoon or evening to inform you the meeting location and time.

Any questions – please email Hans Ho, Participation Rep.


Looking forward to having you joining us!

The Serpie Capital Ring Runs Team

Submitted: 13 May 2021