Serpiesphere Virtual 5k – Week 12 (27th June to 3rd July 2020)

Hello Serpies,

Well done to the 73 Serpies who braved the hot weather to run in last week’s Serpiesphere Virtual 5k. Here is a quick round up of Week 11 and an introduction to Week 12!

Not surprisingly in this warm temperature across the UK, only 15 of us managed to beat our best-of-series time, compared to 22 the week before. However, it was a great week for our female runners, with nine women occupying the top 10. What’s more – out of these 9 runners, there are four mums with a child younger than a year old.  Well done to all of you!  Also a shout-out to Alex Malzer who won the perfect 60 challenge (i.e. a handicap time of exactly 60:00). Finally, we are very glad to have our first junior runner Pip Jones joining us in this 5k – we hope more of our junior guys and girls will enter in the coming weeks!

The Photo of the Week was taken by one of our American members Kent Blocher from the Mohawk Trail in Redding, Connecticut. The temperature was apparently just as warm over there as in the UK, so well done to Kent for running a good time, very close to his scratch run performance.

Mohawk Trail

Please keep your photos coming – there will be a round-up of all photos on the Saturday morning Zoom café, with the best one picked for this weekly email. (Note: by uploading the photos you have given us and the Club permission to use them.)


Last week’s Virtual Podium

Congratulations to the following runners for being on the Virtual Podium:

  1. Maureen Seguin became the first person in our series to have successfully defended the top spot with a time of 28:21 (handicapped time 54:21);
  2. Hilary Walker also kept her place on the podium with a time of 36:05 (handicapped time 58:50);
  3. Vanessa Armond improved her scratch run time by about a minute and stopped the clock at 23:06 (handicapped time 59:06).

Also, our fastest performers of Week 11 are:

  • Fastest Male: Hugh Torry – 16:46;
  • Fastest Female: Sarah Pemberton – 19:50;
  • Best age-graded performance: Andrew Reeves – 83.0% with a time of 17:39.

Full results here:


This week – How to submit your time

  • Enter your time before 23:59 on Friday 3rd July via this link: Click “self-add result”, then scroll to find “Serpiesphere Virtual 5K” and choose “27 June 2020” (which includes all performances from 27th June to 3rd July).
  • Take a photo or screenshot that shows your time and distance, this can be a screenshot of your Strava / Garmin result page, or a picture of your watch. As long as the distance is a minimum of 5.00km (or 3.11 miles) and it shows a finish time, it will be accepted.
  • Submit the photo or screenshot at this link (also before 23:59 on Friday): (this link can also be found in the same page as the “self-add result” page). Click the “+” sign in the page to ‘Choose Files’. You do not need a Dropbox account. This will just ask for your name (so we can correlate your performance with the time submitted) and email address (so you’ll get a confirmation of upload).

Email me if you are unable to do so. All members who haven't done the race yet are welcome to join - you'll be a scratch runner this week so you won't be on the Podium; from next week onwards you will have a chance to win!


The Lockdown Championship

The Top 10 after Week 11:


Total Score

Hilary Walker


Hugh Torry


Victoria Brown


Andrew Reeves


Martin Carmack


Gary Hymns


Catharine Sowerby


Stephanie Vaatz


Keith Evans


Grace Sim





Hilary Walker has cemented her lead with another podium performance. With a few more weeks to go in this series, is anyone going to challenge her?  Full results are here:


Serpiesphere Virtual Café – Saturday 4th July

As usual, next Saturday we will be at the Virtual Café.  With the official club run resuming on that day, we will start our virtual café meet-up at 11:30am, so that everyone can do a run first before we chat, catch up, and also have the usual announcements. Zoom meeting link is here:


Once again thanks to my co-organisers Sarah Maisey, Nic Barberis and Pete Mackintosh. Any queries about the race, please contact me or one of us.


Happy running,

Hans Ho

Participation Representative (

Submitted: 27 June 2020