Virtual duathlon 5-7th June

Our next virtual competition is a Duathlon that will be taking place this weekend.  Click above for information about how to enter.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the Virtual Duathlon this weekend.  Please see below for a reminder of how to enter, plus further instructions for those wishing to complete the bike stage on Zwift. (Please note: Whilst the bike stage must be completed on an indoor turbo, there is no obligation to use Zwift and any turbo/ indoor bike setup that registers time and distance will suffice).

How to enter

1) Get your team together (if undertaking as part of a team). There is no need to enter in advance.

2) Once your run/ride is completed input your results by clicking on the following link and the selecting the 'Open with google sheets' link at the top centre: 

(Note: you will need a google or gmail account to be able to update the spreadsheet. If you don't have one please ask someone on your team that does, or, failing that, email with your names and times and your results will be entered for you).

3) Verify your results by taking a photo or screenshot that shows your times and distances. This can be a screenshot of your Strava / Garmin/ Zwift result page, or a picture of your watch - anything which demonstrates that you completed the required distances within the specified time frame. Submit the image here*:

*Please note: you do not need a Dropbox account for image submission. Just click the link, and enter your name and email address (this is just required so confirmation of the image upload can be sent to you).

If you have any questions please email Anne Bennett at If you are looking for team buddies please let us know and we will do our best to connect you up with a team.

Instructions for Zwift users

For cyclists intending to complete the bike leg on Zwift I recommend the Tempus Fugit course in Watopia as a flat, fast course. There are a couple of meet ups planned if you’d like to join:

Friday 5th June 9.00 am – organiser Anne Bennett

Sunday 7th June 9.00am – organiser Aga Wicinska

If you’d like to join please follow the relevant organiser on Zwift and let us know so we can send you an invitation.  Both will be non ‘Keep everyone together’ events.  If you are planning to create your own meet up at another time this should be in the same format.

Also in the interests of fairness this should be a non-drafting race, and I encourage using a TT bike to eliminate the possibility of drafting.

See you on the road!

Anne Bennett (

Submitted: 4 June 2020