Serpies survive Covid-19 blog - Reaching out with words to Serpies on club day Wednesday

Our fantatstic Serpie Mental Health Champions (MHCs) are making their blog a weekly event!  


As we each adjust to the new reality of managing our daily lives within the constraints of COVID-19 Government directives and NHS guidance, it's comforting to be reminded that we're all in this together -  missing friends and family (or adjusting to having them rather more present than we're used too as we isolate at home!), changed working day practices, suspension of much loved past-times and activities...lack of loo roll. The struggle is real.  

Our Mental Health Champions have put together a blog - written by Serpies for Serpies - to share everyday experiences and thoughts,  as we move through the coming months, together.

Please join us here to read the latest blog entries.  We are also keen to have your contributions  - please leave comments on the blog space, or if you would like to write a future blog contact

If you're missing our Run&Talk sessions and want to connect with one of our MHCs , drop them a line at

Stay well Serpies - and keep an eye on this space for more great blogging!


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Submitted: 25 March 2020