Marathon training: Last Half of the London Marathon, 8 April 2018

This year’s Last Half of the London Marathon training run will take place on Sunday 8 April 2018 and start at 9am from Tower Hill tube station. Register to run OR Register to help

Last Half of the London Marathon

This is a training run which follows the route of the second half of the London Marathon, with those taking part split into pace groups, each with their own leader.

It is aimed at those doing the London Marathon, particularly for the first time, and intended to help runners become familiar with the route, which should help them feel more relaxed and confident on the day.  It is not a practice race and it will be necessary in places to stop at traffic lights and to be aware of cars and pedestrians.  After the run we will head off to a nearby café or pub for some recovery nutrition.

If you would like to take part, please register, and include your estimated pace and also say if you would like to lead a pace group.  We should have a couple of people out on the course handing out water in two places, but any other offers of help would be welcome – please do register on the sign-up page.

Further details are available on the website here.

Tom Poynton
Endurance Running Committee Representative

Submitted: 19 January 2018