Exciting Race Organisation Opportunities

There are two exciting opportunities coming up in the world of Serpentine Race Organisation.

The first is for the position of Race Director for the New Year’s Day 10k, the largest public race the club organises. Many of you have volunteered at this race in the past, so if you would like to step up to the position of Race Director I would love to hear from you. Strong organisational and communication skills are needed, and a familiarity with the event would be preferable (although not essential).

The second role is that of overall Serpentine Race Organiser. This is a committee position and covers all races that are organised by Serpentine, including internal races such as the Handicap and Grand Prix series alongside races for public entry such as the Jekyll & Hyde Duathlon and Last Friday of the Month. It also covers our home events in series such as the Assembly League and Summer League, plus our home athletics matches for the three leagues we are part of. If that sounds like a lot of races, don’t worry – this role is mainly about delegation, to people like the Race Director I’m recruiting above, and teams such as the Handicap team. The committee is also open to people job-sharing if you know someone else you could work alongside in this role.

If you would like more details about either the Race Director position for the New Year’s Day 10k, or that of Race Organiser, do drop me an email on races@serpentine.org.uk or you can catch me in person at Wednesday club runs - next week (Wednesday 9th) I am on bag duty so there all evening.

Daisy Gladstone

Serpentine Race Organiser

Submitted: 2 August 2017