London Bridge pool closure

London Bridge pool is closed for refurbishment from Monday 27th June until Sunday 11th September 2016

Afternoon Serpies,

Please read on for the swimming arrangements while the pool is closed.

Monday session moves to Thursday at Better St Pancras.

From 30th June to 28th July this will be 8 to 9pm. There will be 2 lanes and 1 coach.

From 4th August until 8th September session will run 8 to 9.30pm. There will be 4 lanes and 2 coaches.

Thursday session moves to Wednesday at Better Marshal Street. From 20th July to 7th September this will be 8 to 9pm. There will be 2 wide lanes available and there will be 1 coach.

The pool is due to reopen on Monday 12th September when all sessions will move back. I will confirm this nearer the time.

Alex Elferink

Submitted: 14 June 2016