Change to Serpentine website navigation

The training and racing information on the club's website has been re-structured to (hopefully) make it easier to find information on running, triathlon and athletics

There are three new sections on the website which contain everything you may want to know about training and racing with Serpentine:


This includes information about coached training sessions and club runs for endurance athletes, beginners' courses, and all endurance competition: road, cross country and off-road, plus London run routes.


This includes information about training for track & field competition (sprints, middle distance and field events) plus T&F competition.


This includes information about training for triathletes, including the tri squads, plus triathlon competition and London cycle routes.

The weekly training diary can now be accessed from any page on the site - just click on theTraining Diarybutton in the top right hand corner.

Submitted: 3 January 2016