Easyfundraising for Serpentine Running Club

We've set up a Serpentine account with Easyfundraising. This is a website that allows Serpentine to raise club funds when its members and supporters shop online

Setting things up so that when you spend money with online retailers is simple. Browse to www.easyfundraising.org.uk and click on the green link “support a good cause”. Under “Search for a cause” we are registered as ““Serpentine Running Club”. From the list of search results you should see us listed and there is a link to the right labelled “support this cause”.

After clicking on that link you are invited to create an account. At this point you could tick both boxes to agree with the terms & conditions and avoid email bombardment with shopping suggestions. Once you've setup your account you may then choose to “get the donation reminder” so that your browser reminds you to activate your donation when you visit retailer websites. This involves installing software that interacts with your browser and you may prefer not to do this. It may also be worth recommending an option in settings under “My Account” for anonymity as you may prefer that Easyfundraising don’t use your details for promotional activity on their website.

After you’ve setup this and you're ready to make a purchase with one of the registered retailers, simply browse to the Easyfundraising website and follow the link from there to the retailer website and it will log your purchases and calculate the donation to the club. Note: If you make purchases with these retailers without visiting the Easyfundraising website first it will not log the purchases for donations and there is no simple way of going back and correcting this later.

The service is free to use, won’t cost you anything extra on purchases that you regularly make and will allow the club to make money at the same time.

The club plans to use any revenue to go towards the benefits that it provides to its members such as use of the Seymour Leisure Centre changing facilities free to its members at any time, free entry to various league races throughout the year, subsidising Last Wednesday of the Month cheese and wine, subsidising travel costs to team events, and putting on our own events such as the handicap and the summer Grand Prix races.

Thank you in advance for your support
Peter Holmes

Submitted: 30 October 2015