Club 1k championship decided

Helen Palmer (3:00), Javier Gomez (2:36) and Andrew Reeves (90.5%) are the male, female and age-graded 1k champions after the race in Hyde Park this morning.

The club 1k is a slightly crazy race: 1000m in a straight line on a downhill course. It always makes for a painful experience but leads to some excellent age-gradings! Held as four heats, the women's race was won by Helen with a clear lead of many metres, but the men's race was a lot closer.

Full results

We're now half way through the grand-prix. Helen, with two wins is the clear leader in the women's race and Andrew Reeves leads the men's race with a score of 189.1 Andrew also leads the age-graded grand-prix.

Grand-prix results

The next race is the 1 mile championship at Paddington track on Tuesday. Registration from around 6.30pm

See you there!

Submitted: 27 June 2015