England Athletics Competition Licence

It's time to pay your 2015-16 England Athletics Competition Licence fee. Payments via Serpiebase are now due.

The 2015-16 competition licence year begian on 1 April and all first claim members need to pay for their England Athletics Competition Licence. The cost is £12 and you can pay online by logging into the Serpentine membership database (serpiebase) and clicking on "Register with England Athletics" on the left hand column. Second claim members are registered through their first claim club - so do not register via Serpentine if you are second claim. 

You must have a Competition Licence in order to compete in most road races, cross country, track and field, race walking or fell running competitions. 

Please register as soon as possible. Payments for the 2015-16 season are being taken now and the competition year runs to 31 March 2016. 

We will pass on your registration details and fee to England Athletics. If you are registering for the first time, England Athletics will issue your Competition Licence in late May. Those people who are renewing need to keep their existing Licence.

Your competition Licence number will be added to your Serpiebase membership record once we have completed the registration process.

Submitted: 31 March 2015