Bike riding skill sessions for novices

We are going to hold two 1-hour cycle sessions for novices. If you are interested in improving your cycling please read on.

These sessions will be aimed to help you learn to ride your bike safely, become more confident using clip-on pedals, improve your bike handling and to learn how to ride in a group on the open roads.

Session 1

Date: Saturday 21st February 2015

Time: 11.00am

Place: Battersea Park, meet in front of the Millennium Stadium

Any bike is ok to use even if it does not have clip-in pedals. Helmet is compulsory.

Session 2

Date: Saturday 28th February 2015

Time: 10.00am

Place: Richmond Park – Roehampton gate car park

Road bikes preferred with clip-in pedals. Helmet is compulsory.

Content of sessions

Session 1: 21st February

  • Standing & Moving Mount/Dismount
  • Cornering
  • Gear Selection
  • Balance and coordination

Session 2: 28th February

Grouping riding skills (within Richmond Park)

  • Group riding safety & etiquette
  • Riding in doubles within a group
  • Rotating within a group

The sessions will be free of charge.

Please contact to register interest.

Submitted: 29 January 2015