Help sought at Westminster Schools cross country - Wed 8 October

As in past years, I'm looking to recruit some Serpentine members to help with the course marshalling at the Westminster Primary and Secondary Schools cross country competition in Regents Park. Would you like to get involved?

As far as I know, no school in Westminster has its own playing fields and consequently this is one of the very few opportunities that children in the Borough have to take part in an inter-school running competition. We hope that some of our Serpentine juniors will also be running.

The competition will take place on Wednesday, 8 October.

The venue is Regents Park. The meeting point will be The Hub, which is in the middle of Regents Park.

The primary schools races are in the morning, starting at 10.00am and should be finished by 12.30pm. The secondary schools races take place in the afternoon, starting at 1.00pm and should be finished by 3.30pm.

Additionally, I wonder if anyone would like to be the lead runner (the "hare") for the Primary School races in the morning? We always have a “hare” for the younger children to follow. In past years, a couple of our faster Serpies have run in front of the runners as the "hare" and used it as a training session. The course is about 1500m and there will be six races. The children might be young but they don’t hang around, so our "hare" needs to be a pretty quick runner!

I'm very conscious that the races are in the middle of the working day. However, as well as appealing to Serpies who currently may not be working for one reason or another, I know there are a number of businesses that have "community support" schemes and it may be that they will be able to release members of staff for part of the day for a most worthwhile event. Parents of Serpie juniors running will also have a great view of the races by marshalling. Please note that the children will all be supervised by qualified teachers / staff so there is no requirement for Serpie volunteers to have had a DBS check.

If you can help, please can you let me know by Monday, 6 October. Please can you indicate whether:

  • you can cover only the morning races
  • you can cover only the afternoon events (you would need to arrive by 12.30 latest)
  • you're available for the whole time
  • you would like to be the "hare"

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Malcolm –

Submitted: 30 September 2014