Medals for Serpentine at the SEAA road relays

Our men's A team won silver medals at the SEAA 6 stage road relays on Sunday. Our women's A team came 10th in their 4 stage race on Saturday.

Picture from Medals for Serpentine at the SEAA road relays

Serpentine fielded a record 11 teams to the 6 & 4 stage road relays this weekend: 5 senior men's, 5 senior women's and 1 vet women's.

Our men's A team (Richard Phillips, Andy Greanleaf, Jonh Franklin, Jonathan Poole, Glenn Hughes and Nick Torry) won silver (the first time our men's team has won silverware in this event). They came from behind gaining position after position after each stage and were only beaten by the host club, Aldershot, Farnham & District by 63 seconds. This is a fantastic result for our club, something to be proud of. Well done guys!

Our women's A team (Katie Williams, Katie Judd, Jane Fanning and Helen Palmer) finished in 10th place, as did our veteran women's team.

The men's B team finished in 25th position and also qualify for the Nationals. This is the first time we will send two men's teams to the Nationals - only 4 clubs managed that on Sunday. Our men's C team finished in 44th place and matched some of our last year's B team performances. Our men's D team was first D team in the competition finishing 62nd and for the first team we had an E team, the only club with a complete fifth team, which closed in 71st position.

The women's B team finished 25th, the C team 38th, the D team 48th and the E team 54th.

Congratulations to Nick Torry who clocked the 4th fastest time of the day in the men's race.

On 4th October we'll be at the national road relays in Sutton Coldfield.



Submitted: 22 September 2014