Secretary's Shield awarded

At last night's club AGM, the Secretary's Shield was awarded jointly to James Edgar and Nicola Barberis Negra, unusually and somewhat exceptionally, for the second year in a row.

Having responsibility for awarding the Secretary's Shield is undoubtedly one of the particularly pleasant aspects of my role as secretary of the Serpentine Running Club. The Shield was donated by James Godber, the then Honorary Secretary, in 1986, and is awarded annually to the club member or members who, in the personal judgement of the Honorary Secretary, has greatly contributed to the club, above and beyond what might be expected from an ordinary member.

This was a particularly difficult decision this year, not least because there are so many volunteers who do such amazing things for the club, whether training, marshalling or officiating, as wll as Malcolm French for his membership work, the welfare officers, or Val Metcalf's wonderful knitted hats! We also appreciate those who help others in races, one example being Kevin Fitzgerald at this year's London Marathon.

District Line crew on Tube Line RelayBut the event this last year that particularly stood out for me, confirmed after taking soundings from a number of others, was the Tube Line Relay, which generated real excitement, a sense of fun, and which involved nearly 150 club members at all levels, allowing serious runners and more social runners to participate alike. This was an event which really brought the club together.

Sue Barty
Honorary Secretary

Submitted: 21 August 2014