Club 1 mile record broken & championship roundup

Congratulations to Rick Weston who took 1 second off the club 1 mile record to win this evening's club championship race in 4:24.9

1 mile championship

The Serpentine 1 mile championship was held at Paddington track. Over 70 Serpies raced in five races graded by gender and speed.

The winners, and 2014 club champions are:

  • Rick Weston 4:24.9 (a new club record)
  • Sarah Pemberton  5:29.9
  • Andrew Reeves 85.8% age-graded

Thanks to Malcolm French, Dan Lewington, Sarah Amos, Raoul Mansukhani, Vic Crawford, Andrew Maynard, Lars Olsen, Ian Hodge, Sarah Knox, Andrew Robbins, John Fassnidge and Alex Malzer who started, track-judged, time-kept or marshalled to ensure the races went smoothly.

2014 grand prix

The summer grand prix is a bit of fun over the summer where we try and find the best runners over the shorter race distances: 1k, 1 mile, 3000m and 5k. We rank everyone's performance against the (male or female) winner in each race and then total the scores at the end of the series. We do the same for the age-graded results. With the 3000m being cancelled this year there were only three races to score.

This years winners are:

  • Sarah Pemberton 300pts (a perfect score winning all three races!)
  • Pau Herrero 285.6pts
  • Andrew Reeves 87.4% age-graded

The full grand prix results are in this pdf.

2014 club championships

With quite a few results already logged for the 100m, 400m and 800m track races, and the marathon, where your best result counts, and the 1k and 5k races completed, the current leader-board for the club championship is:

best of 5
1Graeme Harrison85.8%
2Catkin Shelley79.5%
3David Hinds77.4%

Full championship table.

Of course we have the 10k (20th July), the 10 mile (7th September) and the half-marathon (28th September) still to come so this could all change! See here for more details about the club championships.

Submitted: 8 July 2014