Club championship 3000m - RACE CANCELLED

Regrettably the 3000m club championship races due to be held at Paddington track on 24th June have been cancelled due to lack of officials.

Why do we need officials?

In order for race results to be meaningful, valid and accepted by UKA and Power of 10, the races need to be started, timed and judged by licensed officials. This is especially true on the track where timing is done to 0.1 seconds rather than the nearest second.

We need a minimum of two qualified timekeepers, a track judge (plus at least one assistant) and a starter/marksman to hold the 3000m competition. Ideally we should have three timekeepers, two track judges and a couple of assistants, as well as the starter/marksman. To date we only have one timekeeper prepared to help so the decision has been made to cancel the race.

Hopefully between now and 8th July another couple of club members who are qualified officials will make themselves available to help at the 1 mile championships, otherwise that competition will also be cancelled.

Please consider becoming an official

It's quite easy, the club pays all expenses, it's fun, you often get free biscuits(!!) and it can even provide something to keep you in touch with the sport if you get injured. To become an official you need to:

  • attend a course (4 hours or so in a classroom, with fees paid by the club, these are mostly held in the autumn)
  • go to at least five track meetings and practice your new skills under supervision, getting your logbook signed each time
  • send off your paperwork, logbook etc. to UKA once you've got the experience

You'll then receive a license as a level 2 timekeeper, track judge or perhaps starter/marksman if you fancy being the person with the gun!

The more officials we have, the fewer number of times they need to help. Unfortunately very few members have qualified in recent years and there are no longer enough to hold all the competitions we'd like to.

Please email Steph Vaatz for more information

Submitted: 10 June 2014