Weekend relay roundup

There were two very different sorts of relays this weekend: the Green Belt Relay and the BMAF vets road relays. Read the full story to find out how we did.

Picture from Weekend relay roundup

Green Belt Relay

46 Serpies (44 runners and two injured organisers - me and Sally) circumnavigated London's green belt over Saturday and Sunday in the revitalised Green Belt Relay (after its cancellation last year). Our mixed A team of 7 men and 4 women won the race just ahead of the London Frontrunners mixed team, and our men's team came 2nd overall.

A big thank you to the drivers without whom this event couldn't happen: Fraser Johnson, Stephen Brown, Hugh Torry, Raul Kharbanda, Andy Greenleaf and Nick Fairclough (plus me and Sally!)

There were some very fast times on tough, hilly trails; a few people got lost and ran farther than intended; a minibus broke down and we had to get it towed back to London and collect a (smaller) replacement — which made logistics even more interesting — but everyone had a great time.

Every runner on our A team won at least one stage, some of them won on both days. Full results are on www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk

The prize for this race is literally a green (boxer's)  belt. Have a look in the trophy cabinet next time you're in the clubroom.

BMAF Road Relays, Sutton Park

This is the vets version of the senior road relays that happen every spring and autumn. We had several teams representing the club: W35, W45 and M35.

  • The women's W35 team of Liz Wynn, Catharine Wilding, Laura Denison and Jane Fanning finished in 5th place in 1:15:34 for the 4x 3mile course.
  • The women's W45 team of Catkin Shelley, Lisa Pettit and Jane Nodder finished 8th place in 1:03:13 for their 3x 3mile course.
  • The men's M35 team of Cedric Berthelon, Peter Clarke, Harry McDermott, Ben Gilmore, Alex Malzer and Tom Poynton finished 26th in their race in 1:52:14 for 6x 3miles.

Full results are here: W35, W45, W55 & M65 and M35, M45 & M55.

Thanks very much to Lisa and Tom for organising the teams and logistics.

Submitted: 19 May 2014