ATW Metropolitan Cross Country League - race 4 results

Our women's A team came third at Perivale and remain second in women's league division one. Nick Torry won the men's race leading our A team to joint first place (with our rivals Highgate Harriers) and maintaining our second place in men's league division one.

Picture from ATW Metropolitan Cross Country League - race 4 results

It was a beautiful, sunny winter's day for the fourth meeting of the ATW Metropolitan Cross Country League at Perivale but the heavy rain of recent weeks meant that the traditionally wet and muddy course was exactly that!

In the women's race, despite our first nine to finish doing so within a minute of each other, and the sixth crossing the line in 26th place, the team only came 3rd overall with Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers and Highgate Harriers 1st and 2nd. The race was close enough that we're still comfortably in 2nd place in division one. Our B team finished 6th and our C team 7th, and are in places 6 and 10 in division one. It's looking pretty likely that the C team will be relegated back to division two next season (having been promoted last season).

In the men's race, Nick Torry pushed into the lead on the third lap and went on to win the race by 7 seconds. Our 12th man crossed the line in 55th to give us our best result this season: joint first place. The A team is very comfortably in 2nd spot in division one with Highgate Harriers pulling clear in the top place. Our B team came first in the division two race and 2nd in that division, and are likely to be promoted to division one next season. The C team came 6th in the division two race and are in 8th place in the division.

Serpie results and league tables: men & women

Full results will be available on the league website in due course.

Many thanks to Sally Hodge, Lisa Pettit, Bev Thomas, Josie Wildridge and Becky Phillips for help with registration and results recording. Photos by Lars Menken.

The final league meeting will be at Wormwood Scrubs on 8th February.

Submitted: 12 January 2014