Sunday Cross Country League - 12 January – Royston

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The 4th race in the Sunday League cross country series is on 12 January.  The event will be hosted by Royston Runners and will be held on Therfield Heath, Royston.  The Race HQ will be The Heath Sports Centre, Baldock Road, Royston, SG8 5BG.  The Centre has good changing and showering facilities.  It also has a licensed bar that serves food. See

This is a joint race, starting at 10.30am. 

Both women and men will run about 5.5 miles.  There will be one small lap and two large laps.  The course is mostly across open downland and is very hilly.  Watch out for rabbit holes.  It is suitable for spikes, studs or trail shoes.

Please note that all muddy footwear must be removed before entering the sports centre, especially spikes.

The sports centre management would appreciate it if runners would use the rear entrance, nearest the tennis courts, to access the changing areas. This will enable the reception area to remain clear.

Travel: Car – parking is available at the Heath, but is limited due to other sporting activities taking place.  Please arrive early.  Car sharing is recommended.  Train – from King’s Cross to Royston station departing at 8.08 am (arrive 9.12am – change at Stevenage) and 8.38am (arrive 9.30am - direct) – but please check Sunday service before leaving in case of changes. The Heath is 15 minutes walk from the station.

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Submitted: 21 December 2013