Running, swimming & cycling over Xmas and New Year

This is the timetable for changes to club organised training over the festive period

If the session you are looking for isn't listed below, please see the individual session web page for that session for more details.

Paddington Y      N      N      Y    
Wed Seymour  Y      N      N      Y   
Battersea   Y      N      Y      Y  
Sat Seymour     Y      Y      Y      Y
Sun Richmond      Y      Y      Y      
Seymour spinning  Y      N      N      Y   
Sunday ride      Y      Y      Y      
Mon Orchard LisleN      N      N      Y     
Mon SeymourN      N      N      Y     
Thu Orchard Lisle   N      N      N       Y  
Sat Orchard Lisle     N      N      N      Y

 If you have any questions about the above, please contact Sally Hodge.

Submitted: 21 December 2013