Secretary's Shield awarded

At last night's club AGM, the Secretary's Shield was awarded jointly to James Edgar and Nicola Barberis Negra.

One of the particularly pleasant aspects of my role as the new secretary of the Serpentine Running Club was having responsibility for awarding the Secretary's Shield.

Donated by James Godber, the then Honorary Secretary, in 1986, this trophy is awarded annually to the club member or members who, in the personal judgement of the Honorary Secretary, has greatly contributed to the club, above and beyond what might be expected from an ordinary member.

As a new secretary I took a number of soundings before deciding on the one (as a joint award) that particularly stood out, notwithstanding the amazing things that a number of people do with and for the club. This was the Capital Ring Relay that James Edgar and Nicola Barberis Negra planned for club members after the Green Belt Relay was cancelled, running a 76-mile ring around London on a Saturday, starting in Highgate and ending, of course, in a pub, in Hampstead.

Val Metcalf said of the event "What a happy memory that is. I hope they do it again next year." Sid Wills said they approached him and asked for some of the runners from the beginners' groups to join it, making the whole event very inclusive. It was Sid's most enjoyable experience of the club year. Their organisation of the relay was in addition to the work that James does in co-ordinating the 3 Parks set off rota every Wednesday and Nick's significant coaching contributions.

Sue Barty
Honorary Secretary

Submitted: 5 September 2013