Club 1k Champions

Congratulations to Helen Palmer and Nick Torry who won the 1k championship in Hyde Park on Saturday, and to Andrew Reeves who won the age-graded trophy.

The club 1k race is normally held on Rotten Row but we used a parallel path this year to avoid the delivery vans heading to and from the Lido cafe which have become a nuisance in recent years. The course profile is almost identical however. Nick and Helen both came very close to breaking the club records on this unique course (it's 1k in a pretty straight line downhill most of the way for those that don't know it).

The final race of the summer grand-prix championship is a 3000m race which will take place at Paddington track on 9th July. Like all these club races it is free to enter. Registration will take place trackside from 6.30pm and the first race will be at 7.30pm. Your must run in Serpie colours to score.

With the winners of the first two races missing the third, the women's grand-prix competition is now led by Helen Palmer, Sam Ludlow-Taylor and Grace Wu, and the men's by Hugh Torry, Nicola Barberis Negra and Roger Coyle. The age-graded grand-prix is led by Andrew Reeves with Hugh Torry and Grace Wu in 2nd and 3rd place.

Full 1k results

Club championship summary


Submitted: 1 July 2013