5k Club Champions

The 2013 5k club champions are Jonathan Poole and Andrea Clement

Picture from 5k Club Champions

The first race of the 2013 Grad Prix series, the 5k, was held on a warm Thursday evening in Battersea Park. There were 92 finishers, keeping the Serpie helpers at the finish line very busy.

Jonathan finished in 15:24 only just behind race winner Andrew Greenleaf (2nd claim therefore not eligible for the club championship) with Dave Morgan 3rd (2nd in the club champs) in 15:31 and Rick Weston 4th (3rd in the club champs) in 15:41. Andrea's time of 17:11 not only makes her club champion, but also the age-graded champion (86.1%). Sam Ludlow-Taylor was 2nd in 18:50 and Helen Palmer 3rd in 18:55.

Many thanks to all the timekeepers, number recorders, registration helpers and marshals.


Photos by Richard Swinford (including the one with this story) & Chris Clement

The next race in the 2013 Serpentine Grand Prix series will be the 1-mile, which will be held on the track in Paddington Recreation Ground on Tuesday, 25 June, starting at 7.30pm. There will be several races graded on ability. There's no need to register in advance, but if you can add your name to My Events it will help the organisers to know in advance how many races there are likely to be.

Submitted: 21 June 2013