Changes on the Committee

We have a new Honorary Secretary and 2 vacant positions on the committee

Honorary Secretary

I have pleasure in announcing that Sue Barty has kindly offered to step in to act as temporary Honorary Secretary until the club's AGM in September. I am very grateful to Sue for stepping forward and to Laura Renshaw, our outgoing Honorary Secretary, for her hard work and diligence over the period she has served on the committee.

Committee vacancies

Unfortunately due to other commitments Amy Cope, External Relations and Gowan Clews, Officials Coordinator, have had to stand down from their committee roles. I would like to thank Amy and Gowan for their hard work during the time they have been members of the committee.

The duties of the External Relations representative and Officials Coordinator are currently being covered by the remaining committee members, in addition to their own roles. Ideally I would like to find two club members who are interested in carrying out in these roles until elections can be held at the club's AGM in September.

The role of the External Relations representative on the Committee is to liaise with external organisations or media interested in the club's activities, and to look after the different sponsors and potential funders of the club. This role includes many areas which are also relevant to other committee members for example kit, race organisation, coach liaison and internal communications and as such there is scope to discuss the exact remit and work together closely with other committee members on specific projects.
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The role of the Officials Coordinator is to recruit, organise and arrange the training of club officials. This involves working closely with other committee members, particularly with the representatives for race organisation and for competition and team events.
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If you would like to discuss either role, have specific questions or would like more information please contact me.

Charles Lescott
Honorary Chairman


Submitted: 3 June 2013