Club Secretary

Volunteer opportunity

Hello all,

Due to increased work pressure our Honorary Secretary, Laura Renshaw, who has been in post since September 2011, is having to decrease her commitments to the club with a view to standing down at the AGM in September.  I will be helping her to perform the Secretarial duties until then, with the support of the rest of the committee.

There is an opportunity, however, for anyone who may be interested in becoming Club Secretary to step forward now and help Laura in advance of the AGM.  If Laura then decides to make way for the new volunteer the committee can co-opt the replacement who will then stand for election at the AGM in the normal way.

A description of the duties of the Honorary Secretary can be found here.

Please contact me to discuss this opportunity if you are interested.


Charles A Lescott - Hon Chairman

Submitted: 4 April 2013