ATW Metropolitan Cross Country League - final results of the season

The 2012-13 Metropolitan League concluded yesterday with some excellent racing on an interesting new course at Merchant Taylors' School in Moor Park. The Serpie teams (over 70 of us) returned to central London with several trophies and are now looking forward to the Southern and National Championships over the next two weekends. 

Picture from ATW Metropolitan Cross Country League - final results of the season

Congratulations to Vic Crawford's women's team who won the Archer Cup as leaders of division one in the league. Going into yesterday's race it we were only a few points clear of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers so it was all to race for. Rachel Felton of SBH won the race (40 seconds clear of 2nd place) but she didn't have the support she needed for her team to win the title as nine Serpie women crossed the line before the 6th SBH woman. Woodford Green with Essex Ladies won the race and finished 3rd overall in the league.

Our women's B team finished 6th in the race and 6th overall in division one. In division two, our C team won their race ahead of Ealing, Southall and Middlesex, and came top of division two (our second trophy of the day) and are promoted to division one. Next season we will have all three teams in division one - very impressive!

In the women's vets race, we were joint winners with London Heathside but with an overall lead in veteran women's division one we won that trophy as well (our third of the day).

Serpie women's results

The Serpie men had a good race finishing 2nd behind Highgate Harriers and ahead of Woodford Green with Essex Ladies in 3rd. We finished 3rd overall in division one, well clear of 4th place but well behind Highgate Harriers and Woodford Green with Essex Ladies who came 1st and 2nd. Congratulations to Highgate who are worthy winners after an excellent season of racing.

Our B team finished 7th in the race but are unfortunately 9th in the division so will be relegated to division two next season, where they will join our C team who finished 4th in the race and 5th in the division. In the veterans race, our A team came 4th in division one.

Serpie men's results

This year was the first year of racing in the league with cash prizes for individuals as well as the traditional trophies for clubs, courtesy of an anonymous donor. Well done to Sarah Pemberton who was 7th woman overall, taking home a nice cheque for her efforts.

Finally, the league has a trophy for the overall, combined men's and women's results. I'm pleased to report that we won this, our fourth trophy of the day, and a perfect symbol of our strength in depth across both genders.

Race photos here.

Thanks to Malcolm French who spent an awful lot of time setting up and dismantling the course, and to Gavin Collett, the league secretary, for making it all happen and publishing results so quickly each month.

Submitted: 10 February 2013