National 6 & 12 stage relays

Women 10th and 26th, men 15th and 45th. Our best ever team results and some tremendous individual performances at Sutton Park.

Thirty-nine Serpies travelled to Sutton Park on Saturday for the annual 12 & 6 stage road relays (4 teams and 3 supporters). We knew our teams looked as strong as they've ever been and that certainly proved to be the case.

The men's race is 12 stages alternating roughly 5k and 8k, and the women's race runs concurrently with 6 ~5k stages. Teams from all best clubs in the UK compete and there were several international athletes racing (Steph Twell and Charlotte Perdue for example) so the standard is very high. After a long afternoon of racing Tipton Harriers (4:10:17) once again won the men's race and Aldershot, Farnham & District (1:36:30) the women's. Our results were:

Women A: 10th place, 1:49:03
Women B: 26th place, 2:00:41

Men A: 15th place, 4:24:56
Men B: 45th place, 4:50:00

This is the highest we've ever placed, with the fastest times in both races. We also broke a couple of individual Serpie records on this course, with Sandra Wilson recording 17:27 on her stage and Nick Torry 26:51 on his (a long stage).

Full results are here:

An excellent day out!

Submitted: 15 April 2012