SEAA Road Relays - Sign Up Open

The annual 6-Stage (M) and 4-Stage (F) SEAA Road Relays are once again taking place on September 24th (F) and 25th (M) at Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot. We have improved every year in these relays and expect to qualify for the Nationals in mid October. Read on if you want to join in one of the highlights of the road running calendar...
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All the top road running clubs throughout South of England will be at Aldershot and competition is fierce. I doubt we will see Mr Farah this year as he has certain other plans, but all the next best runners will be there. 

Fortunately for us we dont have to be quite that good to compete and any man running 5k below 18:30 should be clammering to enter this, as should any women below 21mins. The A team squads have now been declared but sign-up for the men's B team or women's B & C teams is still open

The event basically takes up the whole day so be prepared for that and please only sign up if you are sure you can make it - only dire emergencies will be acceptable for last-minute drop-outs, since you will be effecting the rest of your team mates.

The Mens A (13th), B (30th) and C (59th) teams 2009

To compete you must:

  • Be a First Claim paid-up Serpie
  • Be registred with England Athletics - you can do this online on your own Serpie personal profile page

So please sign up now at:

The nationals are on 15th October so please use the drop down on the sign up sheet to indicate that you can make that as well (or not).

Once you have signed up you will not hear anything until the week of the race, when we will email you the travel details (probably by train paid for by the club) - so dont worry, but do remember to put the date in your diary! By signing up you are in one of the teams and will be running!

Submitted: 19 August 2011