Lanzarote Trip 2012 - please sign up

Bookings need to be made by the end of August.  Click above for more.

Bookings for the 2012 Lanzarote trip have now been open for a while but the sign up has been a little slower than we expected, we guess because bookings opened so early and it's been just too far away to think about!

The trip will again offer 7 and 10 day options, departing on 8th March 2012.

For those new to the club, Lanzarote is a long running training camp for both runners and triathletes, offering exciting opportunities for training and socialising. This year's trip was once again a highlight of the Serpie year, and we were lucky to have a large number of newer members joining the trip. We'd encourage you all to check out the trip details and testimonials at:

Further trip details can be found on the booking form.

Accommodation at Club La Santa for March 2012 is in high demand, so we have had to confirm our booking earlier than usual and have only been able to secure 90 places, with limited 10 day option.

Entry Central sign up is via the above link. You must also complete the booking form and post it to the address on the booking form. Please note that your place will only be secured once we have confirmed receipt of your £150 deposit. You may pay online but you will need to pay the online fees yourself. Regardless of how you pay, you must complete and send us the booking form. If you request a bike place you must pay for this at the time of booking. Deposits and bike places are non-refundable, and balances are strictly due by 1st December 2011.

However we need to book the number of bike places for each flight with the airlines, we are only booking a bike place for those who have requested one and paid for it along with their deposit. We will be booking the bike places in a week or so, otherwise we risk another group of cyclists (or even golfers, etc) booking out the maximum capacity for sporting goods on the plane and nobody will get their bike on board. So if you want a guaranteed bike place, please sign up by the end of August. Also remember there are limited spaces available this year so even if you don't want to take a bike if you leave it too long you may be disappointed.

Hopefully bike places will remain available for some time after we make the initial booking, and we will endeavour to obtain them for anyone who wants one, however until they are booked with the airline there are no assurances.

Your Lanzarote Team

Eddie, Andy, Katy and Steph

Submitted: 12 August 2011