Club 1k championship and grand-prix results

Grace Wu (3:18) and Cathal Logue (2:40) won the 1k race on Saturday, whilst Andy Reeves (87%) won the age-graded race.

In the last race of the summer grand-prix, almost 50 Serpies took part in the 1k championship along Rotten Row yesterday. Grace Wu (3:18) and Cathal Logue (2:40) won the men's and women's trophies, while Andy Reeves once again won the age-graded trophy.

In the overall grand-prix, Grace tops the women's standings with 391.0 points, Hugh Torry leads the men with 398.2, and Andrew Reeves picks up the age-graded award with an average of 83.5%, just ahead of Catkin Shelley.

Full results are here.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the races - they couldn't happen without you!

Submitted: 24 July 2011