Club 10k championship

Congratulations to Nick Torry who won the Ranelagh 10k race yesterday. Grace Wu was the first Serpie woman to finish. They are now the 2011 club 10k champions. Nick also won the age graded trophy.

Thirty Serpies made the early start at Richmond for the Ranelagh 10k yesterday. Nick Torry won the race in 31:01 ahead of John Gilbert of Kent AC (31:25) and Kevin Quinn of AFD (31:48). Richard Phillips (32:38) and Hugh Torry (32:57) were 2nd and 3rd Serpies.

The women's race was won by Lucy McAlister of Thames Hare and Hounds in 35:08. Curiously, only four Serpie women competed. First to finish was Grace Wu in 40:05, followed by Catkin Shelley (41:15) and Kate Blakey (43:19).

In the age-graded race, Nick's performance of 88% was well ahead of everyone else.

Serpie results are now online.

We've now got results from three road championship races and four track races (although the marathon, 100m, 400m and 800m results can still change since they are the 'best result of the year') and three Serpies have results in five or more of these races so they qualify for the overall club championship. With quite a few more races still to come I'm sure this will change but meanwhile, congratulations to Michael Stainton who leads the overall club championship table.

Submitted: 20 June 2011