Next Handicap is this Saturday

The next Serpentine Handicap will be on Saturday, 2 July meeting at the Bandstand in Hyde Park.  Registration opens 8.15am, and closes 8.55am sharp.  Club members only. 

The next Handicap will be on Saturday 2nd July meeting at the Bandstand.

Registration opens 8.15am, and closes 8.55am sharp.

If you can't run, do please come along and share the experience of an early morning in Hyde Park by being a marshal/timekeeper/writerdowner or cheerer - please email us at if you can help.

ADVANCE WARNING: With the Olympic triathlon test event taking place in Hyde Park on 6 August, we have had to bring the August Handicap forward one week.  It will now take place on 30 July.

We meet as normal at the bandstand (half way between Hyde Park Corner and the Serpentine Bar and Restaurant). The race is open to club members only and is 6,975 metres of pure joy (or two laps of the Serpentine, in old money). Registration opens at 8.15am and closes promptly at 8.55am or earlier if the race limit of 100 is reached so, as usual, we ask that you do all you can to arrive promptly.  You can only register on the day and there is no charge. First time runners need to pay £1 for their race number which is then used for all subsequent races. If you forget your number you will need to buy another.

If you have never run the handicap before, or have only run it once in your lifetime, or you haven't run for more than a year, then you will be a "scratch" runner on Saturday. This means that you are running to establish your legitimate start time instead of using a temporary time we estimate for your first races. Scratch runners run the same course, but they cannot win medals or score points. (Once you have done your two scratch runs, you compete on the same level as other competitors and can win medals and points and acclaim).

You need to wear your club colours to score points, or win medals - make sure you have your red top with yellow stripes if you're going to compete (tri tops, red/gold serpie t-shirts, and running tops are all valid). This is NOT essential if you are running your first or second ever race when you will be running for a scratch time. We very much look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Victoria, Anne, Nyla and Ann, Your Handicap Team

Submitted: 28 June 2011