South of England Cross Country Championships: entries now open

Click above for information on how to enter.  Entries close on 4 December.

The South of England Cross Country Championships will take place on Saturday, 29 January at Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath. 

Women run 8km, starting at 2.05pm.  Men run 15km, starting at 2.50pm.  These events will be preceded by races for young athletes.

Please note that this competition is not suitable for novices.  There will be a 90 minute cut-off in the men's race.

Advance entries only.  No entries on the day and number exchanges are prohibited.  Entries close on Saturday, 4 December.

Qualification criteria:-

  • 1. First claim members only.
  • 2. You must be registered with England Athletics and hold a 2010-2011 Competition Licence (if you are not registered or have allowed your Competition Licence to lapse you can register / renew by going to your membership page on and clicking on the "Register with England Athletics" option and paying the £5.00).

If you meet these criteria and would like to run, please contact, before 4 December:-

Women's entries to Stephanie Vaatz on

Men's entries to Malcolm French on

Submitted: 22 November 2010