SEAA 6-stage Men's Relays

Our men's teams came 16th, 31st and 59th in the southern road relays so our A team have qualified for the nationals.

A late flurry of interest, helped along by Andrew Taylor's enthusiasm, meant that we sent three teams to Aldershot on Sunday to contest the Southern 6-stage road relays. 62 full teams competed, along with a number of incomplete teams and the standard was very high. Despite running a minute faster than in 2009 our A team finished 3 places lower - in 16th - but still more than good enough to qualify for the national road relays in October.

Our B team finished 31st - a similar result to a year ago. To put this in perpective, this is a better result than our A team was achieving five or six years ago. The C team finished 59th, beating the result of our B team's from a few years ago.

Aldershot, Farnham & District AC won, 8 minutes ahead of our A team, although they did have Ben Moreau on the team!

Serpie results:

Nick Torry400:18:13
Richard Phillips600:19:17
Andrew Reeves1200:20:00
Martin Gaunt1500:20:04
Hugh Torry1400:19:27
Hendrik Zietsman1600:20:22
Paul Hayman4200:19:54
Eric Phillips3300:20:19
Andrew Taylor3400:20:37
Will Jones3200:20:19
Simon Barrett2700:20:13
Eoin O'Connell3100:21:22
Will Forbes7400:21:46
James Edgar6900:22:24
Nicola Barberis6100:21:35
Richard Taylor6100:22:45
Dave Horgan6000:23:12
Nick Smeeton5900:22:01

Full results are on the AFD website.

Submitted: 27 September 2010