Club Championship Grand Prix Winners

Congratulations to Andrew Reeves and Victoria Crawford who are the 2010 grand-prix winners.

With all four of the shorter club championship races — the grand-prix — now complete we now know who this year's winners are. In case you've forgotten, it's the 1k & 5k road races, and the 1 mile & 3000m track races which make up the grand-prix.

In the women's race it looked like Christine Lutsch was going to walk away with the trophy after 3 wins in the first 3 races but she was unable to race the 5k, giving Victoria the overall lead in the championship with 389.2 points.

In the men's race, Andrew Reeves and Nick Torry both won 2 races but with Andy completing all 4 and Nick just those two, Andrew won the championship with 390.8 points, althouigh Hugh Torry was a very close second.

In the age-graded competition, Andrew Reeves won with an average of 85.5% ahead of Catkin Shelley (82.0%) and Hugh Torry (80.6%).

Trophies will be presented at the first opportunity, perhaps the next wine and cheese evening.

Submitted: 27 August 2010