Serpentine Grand Prix: 5k race - 28 June

Congratulations to Victoria Crawford and Pau Herrero who won the 1k race.  Andrew Reeves won the age-graded trophy.  Third race: 5km: Thursday, 28 June in Battersea Park.  Click above for more information.

As part of the Club Championship races each year we hold a series of four short races from 1k to 5k that are known as the Grand Prix. You can run in all four races or just one.

The third race is:-

  • 28 June (Thursday) - 5km (road) - Battersea Park - race starts at 7.30pm. Register at the Millennium Arena by 7.20pm. See for venue information. The course will be on traffic free paths within Battersea Park. There will be one race. All entries taken on the day.  You will be able to use the changing rooms at the Millennium Arena free of charge, although there are unlikely to be sufficient lockers for everyone.

To count for club championship competitions you must:

  1. Be a first claim member of Serpentine Running Club (second claim members can run as guests)
  2. Compete wearing club colours

Entry is FREE but to help the Race Organiser, please can you sign up in the Events planner if you plan to race.

As these are Club races we will also need people to help timekeep, take numbers, marshal and help with registration, so please add your name to the planner if you can help or email Malcolm French.

The final race will be the 1-mile.  This will be held on the track at Willesden on Tuesday, 3 July.

Malcolm French -

Submitted: 23 June 2012