Perivale 5 mile - club championship

Congratulations to Nick Torry, Louisa Ruderman and Sue Lambert who are the male, female and age-graded 5 mile champions after the race this morning.
Over 40 Sepies raced in the final club championship of the year, the Perivale 5, organised by Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC.

With only 200 and odd runners in the race and many of our best runners racing the championship, it was no surprise that we also won both the men's and women's team prizes.

Nicholas Torry 26:21
Andrew Reeves 26:28
Martin Gaunt 26:42

Louise Croxson 31:31
Louisa Ruderman 31:34
Claire Imrie 31:36

1st FV35 - Claire Imrie
1st V50 - David McGregor
1st V60 - David Smart

SRC age-graded - Sue Lambert FV65 89.1%

i. Louise was not wearing club colours so cannot be club champion
ii. Results on the ESM website are using the old age-grading tables, not the current ones so many of the figures are different.

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Submitted: 7 December 2008